Cash accumulation
Policy cash values are based, in part, on the positive movement of a stock market index like the S&P 500® Index (subject to certain limitations).
Potential with protection
Policy values based in part on the positive movement of a stock market index and the crediting rate can never go below 0% (even if the index return is negative).
IUL pioneer
As a pioneer in the IUL industry, Global Atlantic is well-positioned to provide solutions that meet your clients’ needs.
Our solutions
See what indexed universal life insurance can do for your clients
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Lifetime Builder ELITE
Built for life, this policy designed for clients focused on cash accumulation
Product Type Image
Lifetime Foundation ELITE
The simple, affordable, secure option for clients focused on death benefit guarantees
Product Type Image
Survivorship Builder
A last survivor policy that insures two lives with a death benefit paid upon the second death
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Lifetime Provider
Flexible premium policy that enables premium adjustment based on changing needs and obligations

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