This original, problem-solving framework opens up eight life insurance conversations you can have with business owners, covering employees, partners, family and heirs.

View the videos and resources below to learn how S.T.O.P. helps you ask the right questions, discover the problems that need to be solved and present the possible advantages life insurance can offer.

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Solve The Owner’s Problems:

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Thinking about employees
Every business has key people who keep things running successfully — through ideas, know-how, experience and leadership.
You can use S.T.O.P. to demonstrate how life insurance can solve both key person and employee retention challenges.


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AM2022 Key Person Coverage Agent Guide
Identifying, funding and using Key Person coverage

IUL2180 Global Accumulator and the Additional Insured Rider

Key Person Case Study
Agent Insights – Departure of Key Employee
Agent Insights – Death of Key Employee

AM2031 Executive Bonus Agent Guide
Dig into the benefits of different funding arrangements and learn about specific benefits of bonus arrangements for different types of businesses

AM2028 Agent Quick Reference Guide
At-a-glance guide to differences between arrangement types

Exec Bonus Case Study
Agent Insights - Selling Executive Bonus Life Insurance
Agent Insights - Quadruple Duty

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AM2101 S.T.O.P. Key Person Flyer
 Key Person video

AM2102 S.T.O.P. Retaining Key Talent Flyer
 Exec Bonus video


Thinking about business partners
Buy-Sell Agreements can be an important part of any partnership. See how S.T.O.P. helps you start the conversation about funding both cross-purchase and entity purchase agreements with life insurance.


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AM2018 Business Continuation Agent Reference Guide
How to select a Buy-Sell guide based on your client’s
goals and then put the plan in motion

AM2009 Buy-Sell Quick Reference Guide
Remember which agreement type is which –
who pays, who owns, who is the beneficiary

IUL2181 Buy-Sell Funding: Perm vs. Term

Buy-Sell Case Study
Agent Insights - AIR for Business Owners
The Additional Insured Rider make a permanent policy price
competitive with term for an entity buy-sell agreement

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TL2219 Should you plan for death of a business partner?

AM2103 S.T.O.P. Funding a Buy-Sell Cross Purchase Flyer
 Cross Purchase video

AM2122 S.T.O.P. Funding a Buy-Sell Entity Purchase Flyer
 Entity Purchase video


Thinking about family
The primary purpose of life insurance is to provide a death benefit to a chosen beneficiary, but there are other possible advantages for a business owner during his or her life. Learn how S.T.O.P. enables you to put life insurance at the center of both income replacement and retirement discussions.



Thinking about heirs
A significant portion of a business owner’s estate is often contained in the business itself, an asset that usually needs to be passed on whole. In addition, many business owners have the means and desire to give to charity. With S.T.O.P. you can show how life insurance can solve the estate equalization problem and also amplify a business owner’s charitable giving.




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