The Global Atlantic Underwriting Advantage
We recognize you have many choices of carriers, and we appreciate and value your trust. The goal of our Underwriting department is to complement and enhance the relationships you have with your clients. We do this through competitive and prudent underwriting decisions that ensure the needed protection will be there for you and your clients.

We call this approach the Global Atlantic Underwriting Advantage.

The Global Atlantic underwriting team has an average 20 years of experience. In fact, our most seasoned underwriter has been in the business for almost 40 years. You’re unlikely to find this level of expertise and attention to detail at any other carrier. Our underwriters know all the intricacies of our business and will work hard to help your clients get the absolute best life insurance offer available.
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Conditional Receipts and Initial Premium Acceptance

You should not take cash with an application, and the conditional receipt should remain attached, if the amount is over $3,000,000 or if you feel the proposed insured has a medical condition that may result in a high rating or a possible decline of coverage.

When accepting cash with an application, we require completion of the conditional receipt. You are responsible for explaining the conditions and limitations of the conditional receipt. The receipt has a start date and stop date. The life insurance limits for this conditional coverage are the lesser of $500,000 or the amount applied for if the proposed insured is insurable at the rate applied for, or $100,000 or the amount applied for, if the proposed insured is insurable, but at a higher rate than applied for. Money should not be taken and the receipt should not be detached for amounts applied for over $3,000,000. 
This information is outlined in the application for life insurance.


Policy Delivery (if a change in health)

If the agent finds that there has been any change at all in the health or occupation of the person or persons insured under the policy, or if the agent learns of any additional information that would have a bearing on insurability, then the agent must not deliver the policy. We must be provided with a full statement of the facts and conditions and the policy held until the circumstances can be reviewed in the home office and instructions are received concerning its delivery or return. This procedure must be followed even though settlement was taken and the conditional receipt delivered at the time the application was written.

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